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Instrumente vergleichen: Siehe "Auf einen Blick"

Zum besseren Vergleich der von uns angebotenen Instrumente gibt es jetzt eine Seite, auf der man sie sich sehr exakt ansehen kann.


Neu: English Double Pipe

Die English Double Pipe ist ein neuer Dudelsack in unserem Programm


Neu: Bildkatalog zu Quellen mittelalterlicher Instrumente

Bildkatalog zu Quellen mittelalterlicher Instrumente anhand von Skulpturen an romanischen und gotischen Kirchen und Klöstern entlang der 'caminos de Santiago'


Neu: Zusätzliche Bordun Zwischenstücke für Hümmelchen Schulmodelle

Die Zahl der spielbaren Borduntöne kann bei den Hümmelchen Schulmodellen durch neue, optionale Bordun-Zwischenstücke erweitert werden


Neu: Gaita Gallega aus eigener Produktion




logo senkrechtDear Friend of the Bagpipe Music,

On this website you'll receive current information about our offers in bagpipes, short news, accessories and course meetings. We would like to help you hereby to find a musical instrument suitable for you and to your musical conceptions. Because whether you play traditional dance music, Renaissance themes, or even if you have succumbed to the attraction of the Scottish melodies, first of all you need the appropriate bagpipe which will suit your purposes and conceptions! Please take the time to inform yourself about our offers, applied materials, our processing methods, etc…

We'll be glad to personally advise you on your questions. You can drop by and visit us, after advanced notification, and take a look at our bagpipes, try them out, or simply listen to them. Besides, we'll also receive you in case you decide to pick up your new instrument yourself. We'll give then information which you'll need for the good handling and care of your bagpipe.

Bagpipes are delivered to you in ready-to-play condition with a short guidance and a fingering table and they are carefully qualitatively examined in each and single aspect. You'll have thus the certainty of acquiring a really good and playable instrument and of having experienced specialists at your disposal for it's maintenance! All bagpipes manufactured by us are, taking into regard the applied materials as well as the applied measurements, within the most modern standards of the bagpipes builders.

Naturally, we care for our bagpipes during all the years in which they carry out faithful services to you! We accomplish eventual necessary repairs and tuning in our own workshops. We grant to all of our bagpipes (with exception of the reeds), bags and suit-cases a 3 year warranty. For more information on the processing methods and details please check under the category "The instruments". You will rarely find on this web site sound samples of our instruments, since we feel that they show in a very unsatisfactorily way the natural sound of a bagpipe.

About my person it is to be said and within this context, that I play bagpipes since 1975 and manufacture them since 1980. Within the professional field we count with artists such as Carlos Núñez, Eliza Carthy, Oni Wytars, Poeta Magica and many others as being our satisfied customers. I wish you now much fun when looking at our homepage and if you have further questions, just give me a call during the usual working hours!

Juergen Ross